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5/25/07 to 6/23/07

PFA's popular repertory series offers East Bay premieres of international festival favorites, screenings of recent restorations, and revivals that shed new light on the classics. This season brings fresh prints of films by Godard, Malle, and Greenaway, plus a compendium of postwar British cautionary tales and a deadpan comedy from Uruguay's Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll.

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  • Two or Three Things I Know About Her, June 1, 3

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Past Films

  • Elevator to the Gallows

    • Saturday, June 23 9:10pm

    Please see Friday, June 22.

  • Elevator to the Gallows

    • Friday, June 22 7:00pm

    A restored print of Louis Malle's first feature, an elegant thriller featuring an iconic performance by Jeanne Moreau and a celebrated Miles Davis jazz score. "A consistently engaging, atmospheric noir. . . . Elevator to the Gallows remains worth treasuring."-Time Out N.Y.

  • Two or Three Things I Know About Her

    • Sunday, June 3 4:50pm

    Please see Friday, June 1.

  • How to Survive the 1940s: Postwar Public Information Films

    • Sunday, June 3 3:00pm

    Bacteria! burglars! wives with syphilis! A compendium of cautionary tales from Britain's Central Office of Information catalogs the everyday dangers of postwar life with surprising verve and dramatic impact.

  • Whisky

    • Saturday, June 2 6:30pm

    From Uruguay's Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, a deadpan comedy about minor subterfuge and awkward loyalties, “the story of ordinary life artfully and touchingly told.”-N.Y. Times. “Drolly glum and sneakily humane, Whisky swigs from the same bottle as Aki Kaurismäki.”-Village Voice

  • Two or Three Things I Know About Her

    • Friday, June 1 7:00pm

    Jean-Luc Godard's incisive view of prostitution and Paris, in a new print that showcases Raoul Coutard's breathtaking color cinematography. “Perhaps Godard's greatest feature.”-Susan Sontag. “The new CinemaScope print makes this perennial must-see a must-see-now.”-N.Y. Times

  • A Zed & Two Noughts

    • Saturday, May 26 8:55pm

    “The boldest and arguably the best of Peter Greenaway's fiction features . . . involves amputees, painting, a ménage à trois, and decomposing animals-along with many other things. . . . A one-of-a-kind movie."-Chicago Reader

  • The Draughtsman's Contract

    • Friday, May 25 7:00pm

    Mysteries disrupt the ordered world of a seventeenth-century estate and the life of a draftsman hired to draw it in Peter Greenaway's intricately witty breakthrough feature. “Astonishingly elegant . . . extraordinarily detailed . . . mind-bendingly rich.”-N.Y. Times. “A masterpiece.”-Time Out