Tomu Uchida: Japanese Genre Master

9/8/07 to 9/29/07

From witty, loose-limbed swordplay films to taut melodramas teeming with social detail; from a wildly stylized fable to a modernist detective story, the midcentury films of Tomu Uchida sample nearly every genre and pleasure that Japanese cinema can offer, and do so "with a vitality and a love of cinema we search for in vain in the films of today" (Max Tessier). Discover these recently rescued films along with us!

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  • The Outsiders, September 22|© Toei|

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Past Films

  • A Fugitive from the Past

    • Saturday, September 29 6:30 PM

    A murderer finds that secrets are never hidden forever in Uchida's spectacular 'Scope film noir, one of the best Japanese crime films ever. "The director's masterpiece without doubt."-Positif

  • The Master Spearman

    • Saturday, September 22 6:30 PM

    A disillusioned samurai retreats into simple pleasures, but cannot escape his warrior destiny, in "perhaps Uchida's strongest critique of samurai codes."-James Quandt

  • The Outsiders

    • Saturday, September 22 8:30 PM

    Uchida's masterful 'Scope epic, shot in the mountains of Hokkaido, about the reclusive Ainu people. "An undeniably exhilarating visual experience."-Midnight Eye

  • Twilight Saloon

    • Thursday, September 20 7:30 PM

    Life and love in a Japanese dive bar. "Exuberant and inventive . . . A remarkably warm-hearted and accessible evocation of the postwar period."-Midnight Eye

  • Policeman

    • Sunday, September 16 3:00 PM

    Introduced by Sharon Hayashi. Judith Rosenberg on Piano. A rookie policeman suspects his old friend of a crime in this high-energy, visually inventive silent crime saga. With short History of Crab Temple.

  • The Mad Fox

    • Saturday, September 15 6:30 PM

    Japanese folk tales meet Kabuki theater meet crazed cinematic excess in Uchida's story of a fortune teller and his lover, a fox spirit. A film of "wild and fabulous artifice."-Alexander Jacoby

  • Chikamatsu's “Love in Osaka”

    • Thursday, September 13 7:30 PM

    A love affair between a courtesan and a gentleman turns tragic in this classic Kabuki tale, brought to life in Uchida's gorgeously stylized adaptation. "An absolutely beautiful piece of cinema."-Midnight Eye

  • A Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji

    • Saturday, September 8 6:30 PM

    Uchida's samurai "road movie" provides key insights into Japan's postwar populist and pacifist tendencies. "Both progressive and nostalgic, humanistic and nationalistic, peaceful and violent."-Craig Watts

  • Yoshiwara: The Pleasure Quarter

    • Saturday, September 8 8:30 PM

    A disfigured merchant finds love with a prostitute in Edo's infamous red light district. "Enthralling . . . the finale is a real jawdropper."-Midnight Eye