A Tribute to Jean-Claude Carrière

5/5/06 to 5/6/06

  • The Phantom of Liberty, May 6

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Past Films

  • The Phantom of Liberty

    • Saturday, May 6 20:30

    Casual blasphemies and waking dreams, bourgeois improprieties and Surrealist sight gags are strung together in this slippery chain of abortive comic vignettes, loosely coiled around themes of enslavement and the fear of freedom.

  • The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

    • Saturday, May 6 18:30

    This account of six wealthy people's thwarted attempts to sit down to dinner is the comedy of manners to end all comedies of manners.

  • Diary of a Chambermaid

    • Friday, May 5 19:00

    Jeanne Moreau is a chambermaid in a household of perfectly ordinary bourgeois perverts in this darkly funny update of the Mirbeau novel, the first film in the long collaboration between Buñuel and screenwriter Carrière.

  • The Milky Way

    • Friday, May 5 21:00

    Two derelicts make an impious pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, with many detours in time and space along the way. Part theological fantasy, part shaggy dog story, the film makes manifest Buñuel's famous motto: "Thank God I'm an atheist!"