The Unofficial Histories of Péter Forgács

11/2/05 to 11/9/05

  • Dusi and Jenö, November 2

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Past Films

  • Wittgenstein Tractatus and Meanwhile Somewhere

    • Wednesday, November 9 19:30

    Using found footage to capture phenomenological states, Forgács beautifully illustrates a series of aphorisms from Wittgenstein's writings. Meanwhile Somewhere gathers home movies from numerous countries to present the persistence of the everyday in Europe of the '40s, even as war rages and its atrocities make themselves right at home.

  • The Maelstrom (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, November 3 17:30

    A poetic rendering of found footage of a Jewish family in Holland leading up to the Nazi occupation.

  • Father and His Three Sons: The Bartos Family and Dusi and Jenö

    • Wednesday, November 2 19:30

    A Jewish family and its little ceremonies that deny the upheaval taking place across Europe; a Budapest bank clerk with a filmmaker's eye: Hungarian artist Péter Forgács's compelling Private Hungary series looks at the vanished bourgeois culture of the '30s and '40s through home movie and amateur footage poetically edited and set to composer Tibor Szemzö's haunting soundscapes.