Viva la Revolución: Celebrating the Hundredth Anniversary of Mexico's Revolution 

8/14/10 to 8/27/10

Five films, one revolution. Join the campaign as we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, which encompassed such larger-than-life revolutionaries as Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata and a backdrop rife with heroics, betrayal, and sacrifice.

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  • El Compadre Mendoza, August 14

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Past Films

  • Reed: Insurgent Mexico

    • Friday, August 27 7:00 PM

    Paul Leduc (Mexico, 1971)
    Paul Leduc's account of writer John Reed's involvement in the Mexican Revolution brings home revolutionary realities. “The sentiment is anti-convention, anti-folklore, anti-heroism; therefore, closer to revolutionary reality.”-Village Voice (105 mins)

  • La soldadera

    • Friday, August 20 9:00 PM

    José Bolaños (Mexico, 1966). Famed Buñuel collaborator Silvia Pinal is a young woman who joins Pancho Villa's army in this intriguing look at female empowerment-and armament, based on the never-finished fourth section of Eisenstein's Que Viva Mexico. (88 mins)

  • Let's Go with Pancho Villa!

    • Friday, August 20 7:00 PM

    Fernando de Fuentes (Mexico, 1935)
    In the definitive film on the Mexican Revolution, "de Fuentes makes a strong plea for peace on the personal level every bit as effectively as did Jean Renoir in Grand Illusion."-UCLA Film Archive

  • Prisoner Number 13

    • Saturday, August 14 6:30 PM

    Fernando de Fuentes (Mexico, 1933). The first in de Fuentes's famed trilogy on the Mexican Revolution is a devastating portrait of mendacity among the military pointing to the very human side of this and every revolution. (74 mins)

  • El Compadre Mendoza

    • Saturday, August 14 8:15 PM

    Fernando de Fuentes (Mexico, 1933). A Mexican classic wittily and intelligently dissects the ambivalence of revolutionary values in a Zapatista idealist and his loyalty to an opportunistic landowner.