Where To and Back: The Axel Corti Trilogy

6/15/08 to 6/29/08

Addressing the plight of Jews during World War II, Austrian director Axel Corti's brilliantly nuanced trilogy embodies the search for meaning amidst the wreckage of humanity. “At once intimate and epic and an impeccable period re-creation, Where To and Back is a masterpiece” (L.A. Times).

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  • God Does Not Believe in Us Anymore, June 15

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Past Films

  • Welcome in Vienna

    • Sunday, June 29 4 pm

    Refugees return to postwar Vienna and find corruption and disillusionment. Writer and director “have re-created a moment in their country's past with cruel, vivid intimacy.”-Variety

  • Santa Fe

    • Sunday, June 22 4 pm

    Jewish émigrés search for home in 1940 New York in “a totally absorbing picture, which examines with complete assurance the hopes, doubts, and memories of immigrants.”-L.A. Reader

  • God Does Not Believe in Us Anymore

    • Sunday, June 15 4 pm

    In 1938 Central Europe, three refugees (including Armin Mueller-Stahl) flee Hitler's inexorable advance. “With unerring brilliance, Corti finds and exposes small moments of meaning.”-L.A. Herald Examiner