The Wide-Angle Cinema of Michel Brault

3/9/06 to 3/26/06

  • Of Whales, the Moon and Men, March 9

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Past Films

  • The Times That Are

    • Sunday, March 26 15:00

    Pierre Perrault's charming follow-up to Of Whales, the Moon and Men (March 9) accompanies an elderly patriarch from Île-aux-Coudres to France, where he discovers that the distance between the French and the Quebecois is a matter of more than miles.

  • The River Schooners

    • Sunday, March 26 17:20

    This visually stunning homage to the glories of a dying world follows traditional watercraft plying Quebec's St. Lawrence River.

  • Chronicle of a Summer

    • Sunday, March 12 17:30

    Brault was one of four cinematographers recruited to film this landmark of cinema verité. Directors Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin asked Parisians in the summer of 1960: "Are you happy?" With short The Snowshoers.

  • Good Riddance

    • Saturday, March 11 21:05

    Michel Brault in Person. This backwoods Gothic centers on a precocious thirteen-year-old obsessively jealous of the men in her mother's life. Directed by Francis Mankiewicz and shot by Brault, it's part horror story, part political parable.

  • Drifting Upstream

    • Saturday, March 11 18:30

    Michel Brault in Person. Brault's poetic and richly complex fiction feature evokes themes of lost innocence in the story of a young man who leaves his small town for Montreal and a singing career. Starring Claude Gauthier and Geneviève Bujold. With short The End of Summer.

  • Orders

    • Friday, March 10 19:30

    Michel Brault in Person. Shot in a near-documentary style, Brault's film follows five innocent people arrested and held without warrant or charge under Canada's War Measures Act in 1970. "A relentless look at how easily totalitarian methods can surface in a so-called republic or democracy . . . touching and harrowing."-Variety. With short Wrestling.

  • Of Whales, the Moon and Men

    • Thursday, March 9 19:00

    Lecture by Michel Brault. Michel Brault and Pierre Perrault beautifully evoke the rhythms of rural life and language in this enchanting documentary about a near-forgotten custom: catching beluga whales using wooden staves and the working of the tides on Île-aux-Coudres, an isolated island in Quebec. Plus short The Snowshoers.