Yang Fudong's Cinematic Influences

8/22/13 to 10/6/13

A companion to Yang Fudong: Estranged Paradise, Works 1993–2013, the midcareer survey presented in the BAM/PFA galleries, this film series-co-curated by the artist himself-showcases some of the major cinematic influences on his work, ranging from the decadent aura and black-and-white exquisiteness of Shanghai's Golden Age of Cinema to the realism and historical investigations of Fifth Generation classics.

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Past Films

  • Suzhou River

    • Sunday, October 6 5:30 pm

    Lou Ye (China, 2000). (Suzhou He). In this atmospheric noir thriller, which doubles as a city symphony to Shanghai's eternal mysteries, a videographer searches for work, and for a lost love. (83 mins)

  • Street Angel

    • Sunday, September 29 5:30 pm

    Yuan Muzhi (China, 1937). (Malu Tianshi). Arguably the finest example of Shanghai's Golden Age, Street Angel is an intoxicating blend of Chinese leftist populism, Hollywood pizzazz, song numbers, French poetic-realist doom, comedic slapstick, and city symphony. (94 mins)

  • Spring in a Small Town

    • Saturday, September 14 6:30 pm

    Fei Mu (China, 1948). (Xiao Cheng Zhi Chun). Imported Print! With a visual panache often compared to Ophuls, Antonioni, and Welles, Fei Mu's 1948 gem possesses a melancholy beauty all its own. Voted the Best Chinese Film of All Time in a poll of Chinese critics. (85 mins)

  • Yellow Earth

    • Saturday, September 7 6:30 pm

    Chen Kaige (China, 1984). (Huang Tudi). Sound, landscape, and political history are transformed into blistering poetry in the film that launched China's Fifth Generation and introduced two major voices to world cinema, director Chen Kaige and cinematographer Zhang Yimou. (89 mins)

  • Sacrificed Youth

    • Thursday, September 5 7 pm

    Zhang Nuanxin (China, 1985). (Qingchunji). A young Beijing woman is “sent down” to live among the Dai minority of Yunnan Province during the Cultural Revolution in this key work from one of China's few Fifth Generation female filmmakers. With Yang Fudong's 2011 short, The Nightman Cometh. (90 mins)

  • An Estranged Paradise

    • Thursday, August 22 7 pm

    Yang Fudong (China, 2002). Yang Fudong and Philippe Pirotte in conversation. Yang Fudong's first film is a poignant psychological drama shot in lustrous black and white. (74 mins)