Streaming—Exit West: Immigration on Film

September 8–November 20, 2020

The films in this miniseries reflect on the experiences of people living in transit, from African and Middle Eastern refugees trying to reach Europe to Latin American and Asian immigrants in the United States. Several filmmakers will join us online to discuss their work.

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  • Your Day Is My Night

  • Logbook_Serbistan

  • The Infiltrators

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Available Films

  • Streaming: Logbook_Serbistan

    Želimir Žilnik
    Serbia, 2015

    September 8–November 21, 2020

    Refugees fleeing war, poverty, and hopelessness in North Africa and the Middle East and trying to travel from Serbia into the European Union enact their own stories in this docufiction by pioneering Serbian filmmaker Želimir Žilnik.

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  • Streaming: The Infiltrators

    Cristina Ibarra, Alex Rivera
    United States, 2019

    September 8–November 21, 2020

    This experimental hybrid of documentary and reenactment details the audacious effort by members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance to free other undocumented immigrants from inside a Florida detention center. With Hayoun Kwon’s short Lack of Evidence.

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  • Streaming: Those Who Jump

    Abou Bakar Sidibé, Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner
    Denmark, 2016

    September 8–14, 2020

    Footage shot by a Malian refugee provides a personal view of daily life in a camp outside a Spanish city on the edge of Morocco, where hundreds of Africans live while attempting to cross into Europe. With Daphne Matziaraki’s shorts Container and 4.1 Miles.

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  • Streaming: Your Day Is My Night

    Lynne Sachs
    United States, 2013

    September 8–November 21, 2020

    This hybrid documentary conveys the personal and political stories of Chinese immigrants in New York who share beds out of economic necessity, sleeping in shifts. With two short films by Miko Revereza.

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