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  • Art Lab

    Creative, hands-on art projects for all ages with a focus on drawing, collage, prints, and books. Drop-in and make art Thursdays through Sundays! Hours

  • Dive Deep into the BAMPFA Collection

    With four study centers to choose from, you can get up close and personal with original works of art from the BAMPFA collection.

  • Inspire & Ignite

    BAMPFA is the visual arts center of the University of California, Berkeley. We aim to inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue through art and film.

Educator & Researcher Events

  1. Summer Interlude

    Wednesday, August 29, 3:10 PM

    A prima ballerina impulsively revisits the island of her youth and, in flashbacks, her first and only love. Bergman’s breakthrough film is a magical fusion of sunstruck elegiac love poem and dark suggestion.


    Digital Restoration

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  2. Creativity, Migration, Transformation: Series Introduction by Alex Saragoza

    Thursday, August 30, 12 PM

    The organizer of this lecture series discusses the connections among creative works, the experiences of migration, and the possibilities of personal and social transformation.

  3. Sawdust and Tinsel

    Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 3:10

    Åke Grönberg and Harriet Andersson portray turn-of-the-century circus performers in Bergman’s earliest evocation of the theater of humiliation.


    Digital Restoration

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  4. Gallery Talk: Nancy G. Lin on Master Traces, Transcultural Visions

    Thursday, September 6, 12 PM

    Lin examines works in Master Traces, Transcultural Visions to highlight the importance of lineage and courtly culture in Tibetan Buddhism.

  5. Photography: A Climate for Conflict with Nichole Sobecki

    Thursday, September 6, 12 PM

    Sobecki, winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for her photographs documenting Europe’s response to the African migration crisis, discusses some of the reasons for migration and the power and limitations of photography as an art form.

  6. Roxane Gay: With One “N”

    Monday, September 10, 6:30 PM

    An evening with the acclaimed cultural critic and author of Bad Feminist, Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body, and many other fierce and funny works.


    Presented by the Berkeley Center for New Media

Study Centers

The new BAMPFA offers unparalleled opportunities for engagement with original works of art. Scholars from around the world, students from UC Berkeley and beyond, and members of the community will all have direct access to specialized study centers.

  • Film Library & Study Center

  • Florence Helzel Works on Paper Study Center

  • James Cahill Asian Art Study Center

  • Steven Leiber Conceptual Art Study Center

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As a center for visual culture bringing together art and film, BAMPFA staked out a position squarely in the avant-garde from its beginnings over forty years ago, creating an arena of new thought and innovative techniques while operating within a context of historical and cultural reflection. Today, BAMPFA continues to showcase international works of art and film from the leading edge while also presenting historical works in meaningful contexts. History & Mission >

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