As Above, So Below

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  • Ra Malika Imhotep is a black feminist writer and root worker currently pursuing a doctoral degree in black studies at UC Berkeley. She is a member of The Black Aesthetic, a Bay Area organization whose mission is to curate and assemble an understanding of black visual culture.

  • Jamal Batts is a black queer cultural critic, doctoral student in black studies at UC Berkeley, and member of The Black Aesthetic.


Nathaniel Taylor, Lyvonne Walder, Billy Middleton, Gail Peters,

Larry Clark’s portrayal of black insurgency is a rediscovered masterpiece. The film opens in 1945 with a young boy playing in his Chicago neighborhood and then follows the adult Jita-Hadi as a returning Marine with heightened political consciousness. It imagines a post–Watts rebellion state of siege and an organized black underground plotting revolution. With sound excerpts from the 1968 HUAC report “Guerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States,” As Above, So Below is one of the more politically radical works of the black film movement known as the L.A. Rebellion.

Allyson Nadia Field
  • Larry Clark
  • Larry Clark
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  • Color
  • 16mm
  • 52 mins
  • UCLA Film & Television Archive
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  • with thanks to Steven Hill and Todd Weiner
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Frances Bodomo, United States, 2016

The Grim Reaper hosts a children’s TV show. Part of Collective: Unconscious.

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  • 9 mins
  • Frances Bodomo