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Angel on the Right

(Fararishtay kifti rost)

BAMPFA Collection


Uktamoi Miyasarova, Maruf Pulodzoda, Mardonqul Qulbobo, Malohat Maqsumova,

Angel on the Right depicts the travails of tough ex-con (and former projectionist) Hamro. Upon returning home to his village after doing time in Moscow, Hamro is immediately confronted with the last requests of his ailing mother, menacing debt collectors, and a son he didn’t know existed. His schemes to appease both his mother and his creditors and avoid his parental responsibility are thwarted at every turn in this affecting dark comedy with a mysterious twist. Usmonov shot the film on location in the Tajik village of Asht and expertly employs nonprofessional actors including his own mother and brother, achieving a singular sense of authenticity.

Kate MacKay
  • Pascal Lagriffoul
  • Tajik
  • with English subtitles
Print Info
  • Color
  • 35mm
  • 90 mins

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