• Susan Oxtoby

  • Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis

Animation!: Frame by Frame Filmmaking

Proof of Vaccination Required

Ticket holders are required to provide proof of vaccination—to the maximum extent for which they are eligible—for entry into the Barbro Osher Theater.

BAMPFA Director of Film and Senior Film Curator Susan Oxtoby shares a selection of works recently acquired for the collection and offers insights into how filmmakers who work in the field of animation approach storytelling, thematic concerns, and the concept of time. Her talk includes excerpts from a series of interviews that she conducted in 2021 with independent animators Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis, and Janie Geiser. This presentation sparks interest in what lies behind the creative process and helps reveal the aesthetic choices made by these artists.

Since 2005 Susan Oxtoby has worked at BAMPFA, where she leads the activities of BAMPFA’s Film Exhibition Department, Film Collection Department, and Film Library & Study Center. She is a curator with extensive experience working with the international film archives, cinematheques, festivals, distributors, and filmmakers. Her fascination with cinema is rooted in an appreciation of the formal qualities of film as a time-based medium, and one of her great joys is sharing films with audiences.