The Blood of Passion on the Volcano

(Huoshan Qingxie)
(Loving Blood of the Volcano), (Fire and Blood)

Digital Restoration

  • Introduction

    Paul Fonoroff is a film critic, historian, collector, and expert on Chinese cinema.

  • Weihong Bao is an associate professor of East Asian languages and cultures and film studies at UC Berkeley.

  • Zheng Dali will be unable to attend this screening in person as originally announced.

  • Judith Rosenberg
    On Piano

Zheng Junli, Li Lili, Liu Jiqun, Tan Ying,

A warlord’s lusty nephew destroys a simple farming family’s pastoral idyll and sends its favorite son into tropical exile in Sun Yu’s delirious combination of Chinese peasant drama and Hollywood-style decadent island exotica. Brokenhearted after his family’s ruin, our hero (Zheng Junli) winds up in a South Seas hellhole seemingly borrowed from some leftover Lon Chaney film set, where saloon brawls, sleazy floor shows, and oblivion await him. A sultry dancing girl (Li Lili, in the Joan Crawford role) promises salvation, until the warlord’s nephew suddenly reappears—and that volcano starts to erupt.

Jason Sanders
  • Sun Yu
  • Zhou Ke
  • Chinese intertitles
  • with English electronic titling
Print Info
  • B&W
  • DCP
  • Silent
  • 95 mins
  • China Film Archive