Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

In Conversation

  • James LeBrecht is a codirector and coproducer of Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution.

  • Sara Bolder is a producer of Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution.

  • Sunaura Taylor is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley. 

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This culture-changing, award-winning documentary draws on archival materials and intimate stories from campers, camp counselors, journalists, and activists to show how a summer camp for disabled teens LeBrecht attended in 1971 helped spark a civil rights movement for people with disabilities. The film follows the story from the Catskills through Berkeley, and ultimately on to Washington DC and the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. “This is a movie that starts with powerful memories of childhood but uses them as merely seeds for something much greater—a look at how formative experiences can really shape the future. Expertly editing together moving interviews with its subjects with archival material, Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution becomes a commentary on how to change the world. It’s not just common human decency that should lead to equality for disabled people, but the truth that empowerment for everyone is the only path to true progress for anyone” (Brian Tallerico,

  • Nicole Newnham
  • James LeBrecht
  • David Radcliff
  • Justin Schein
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  • DCP
  • 106 mins
  • Netflix