Dementia 13

4K Digital Restoration

  • Introduction

    James Mockoski is a film archivist and postproduction supervisor at American Zoetrope, where he has supervised the restorations of classic films, including Dementia 13Apocalypse Now, and The Rain People.


Luana Anders, William Campbell, Bart Patton, Patrick Magee,

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This atmospheric tale of terror, Francis Ford Coppola’s second venture, was considered so shocking that a test was devised to determine viewers’ fitness for watching it. The “D-13 Test” (screened before this feature) plumbs one’s predisposition for traumatic breakdown. “IF YOU FAIL THE TEST . . . you will be asked to leave the theatre!” Dementia 13 is no ordinary shockfest. The first stunning scene—with a body slowly sinking to a lake bottom, followed by a transistor radio still playing garbled music—propels you into the murky world of a family cursed by its own suffocating memories. Luana Anders plays the unwelcome visitor at the castle Halloran, a glum enclave of brooding siblings, their morbid mother, and a dark, dank secret. Lurking in the abundant shadows is an unnamed loony, wielding his woeful ax. Dementia 13 is a chopping spree in chiaroscuro.

Steve Seid
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Charles Hannawalt
Print Info
  • B&W
  • DCP
  • 72 mins
  • Rialto Pictures