• Lin Liang, Two Eagles (detail), 15th century; hanging scroll: ink on silk; 38 ½ x 18 ¼ in.; on extended loan from the Ching Yuan Chai Collection.

Five Tables of Birds (Revisited!)

No binoculars required. Bird-watching has never been easier than a hike to the lower-level Study Center: falcons perch on the wrists of Mughal emperors or join an ogre and boy under an umbrella in a Japanese hanging scroll; sparrows flit through a tree in a Baiitsu ink painting and are meticulously rendered in mineral pigments on a decorated Indian page; eagles command attention on a composition book containing James Castle’s self-taught drawings, represent the enemy in a World War I French propaganda poster, and majestically share a branch in Lin Liang’s fifteenth-/sixteenth-century masterpiece; and more.