• Taiso Yoshitoshi: Shinano no Kuni no Koshi Zennojo (The Noble Zennojo of the Province of Shinano), 1904; full-color woodblock print with embossing and lacquer; BAMPFA, gift of William Dallam Armes.

Five Tables of Reflections

Five Tables is a monthly event coinciding with First Free Thursdays organized by the BAMPFA staff, and periodically by the Student Committee. Using unique themes to draw artworks from the BAMPFA collection, Five Tables allows visitors to get an up-close look at an extraordinary range of works on paper. Drop by the Florence Helzel Works on Paper Study Center for a curated behind-the-scenes experience.

Light and the mind play fun tricks when it comes to reflections, and the images glimpsed in mirrors, glass, and water can be true, wishful thinking, or fun-house distortions. The works on view for this month’s Five Tables display include the screen-printed plexiglass panels of John Cage’s Not Wanting to Say Anything about Marcel, Plexigram II; the mirrored boxes of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Roberta Breitmore Box: Multiple #2; photographs; and Japanese woodblock prints.