• Harold Edgerton: Gussie Moran, 1949; black-and-white photograph; 13 5/16 x 11 in.; BAMPFA, gift of Lewis Zachary Cohen.

Five Tables of Science in Art

Natural wonders, natural disasters, technological leaps, and environmental portents. In conjunction with this year’s Bay Area Science Festival (October 25 through November 2), the BAMPFA art study centers present a special Five Tables viewing of art with a scientific bent. Works on view include: a barnacle-encrusted tea bowl from a 500-year-old Vietnamese shipwreck; Kobayashi Kiyochika’s 1883 woodblock print The Great Earthquake at Momoyama Palace in Fushimi (the destructive earthquake depicted occurred in 1596); the unique refractive “fingerprint” of a camera lens placed on a scanner in Sheila Pinkel’s LS9; the former magnificence of the Mer de Glace and Rhone glaciers in nineteenth-century photographs by Charles Soulier and Schroeder & Co.; and more!