• Eduardo Paolozzi, Universal Electronic Vacuum: 883. Whipped Cream, A Taste of Honey, Peanuts, Lemon tree, others (detail), 1967; silkscreen; 41 x 28 in.; BAMPFA, gift of Eduardo Paolozzi.

Five Tables of Silkscreens

Silkscreen, long the commercial technique used for textile patterns and T-shirt designs, came to the fore in the 1960s with its wide adoption by Pop artists, anti-war activists, and psychedelic poster makers. Works on view include the British artist Eduardo Paolozzi’s modly colorful 1967 series Universal Electronic Vacuum; Jacob Lawrence’s Olympic poster of straining runners for the 1972 Munich games; May Sun’s four napkins imprinted with images and quotes by Gandhi, Guanyin, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa; Ad Reinhardt’s gorgeously subtle screenprints of his meditative black-on-black compositions; and more.