• Rina Kimche: Two Work Tools, 2005; glaze, stoneware; BAMPFA collection, gift of the artist.

Gallery+Studio: Found Object Sculpture

For ages 6–12 with accompanying adult(s)

Natasha Loewy

  • Workshop led by

    Natasha Loewy holds an MFA from San Francisco State University and a teaching credential in art from Mills College. Drawing on personal narratives, her art uses tension and fragility to explore anxiety, humor, and healing. She has taught art in schools and youth art programs throughout the Bay Area. She is a member of the art collective MUZ, a collaborative studio and curatorial practice.

Rina Kimche’s sculptures are rich in their textures and earthy colors, and they look like fragments of other things–maybe pottery shards or parts of tools. After looking at some of her artworks in the gallery, experiment with a range of found objects collected by artist Natasha Loewy. Using cardboard, toothpicks, spiral coils, string, tempera paint, and other materials, explore ways of attaching and coloring these found objects to make your own distinct abstract sculptures.