Irena Ivanova, Ivan Nalbantov, Ventzislav Konstantinov,

In the shadow of a mountain nicknamed “Godless,” justice is rare and making the right choice comes at a cost. Outwardly impassive Gana works as a home care nurse in post-Communist Bulgaria. Her relationship with her mechanic boyfriend consists mainly of a shared morphine addiction and a side gig selling identity cards to black-market operators. And with Gana’s job, both drugs and IDs are within easy reach. The only thing that stirs this stoic woman’s soul is the music of the choir led by one of her patients. When Gana’s actions threaten her one glimmer of hope, will she break the cycle of corruption or spiral deeper? Artful 35mm cinematography (employing unusual 4:3 framing) and an award-winning performance by lead actress Irena Ivanova bring texture and grit to this bold observation of a woman trapped in a fatalistic culture.

Laura Henneman
  • Ralitza Petrova
  • Krum Rodriguez
  • Chayse Irvin
  • Bulgarian
  • with English subtitles
Print Info
  • Color
  • DCP
  • 99 mins