Here Come the Videofreex

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    Mary Curtis Ratcliff was a member of Videofreex.

Vital, full-blooded, way-too-rare video footage of America’s crackup as the Sixties crashed into the Seventies.

Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice

In 1969, a CBS executive invited a group of young people to document the counterculture with the new medium of portable video. They traveled the country videotaping Abbie Hoffman, Fred Hampton, Woodstock, antiwar protests, feminist rallies, and other aspects of the cultural and political upheaval. But when CBS saw the footage, they shut down the project. Undaunted, the young pioneers became a collective and began holding screenings, eventually creating their own pirate TV station. Their forgotten story is revealed through fascinating interviews and footage.

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  • B&W/Color
  • DCP
  • 79 mins
  • Muddy Tapes LLC
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Mrs. Bobby Seale

Videofreex, United States, 1969

A recently restored Videofreex interview with Artie Seale.

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  • B&W
  • Digital
  • 21 mins
  • Video Data Bank