• Sudhu Tewari

  • Theresa Wong

Livestream: Redline Redefined

Programmed by Thingamajigs

Join us for a discussion with artists Sudhu Tewari and Theresa Wong, who are affiliated with Thingamajigs's work-in-progress Redline Redefined, a cultural research project investigating the history and impact of East Bay real estate redlining. They will talk about their strategies and processes, share from their sonic portfolios, and explore issues of equity and community voice. Moderated by Thingamjigs member and project collaborator Suki O'Kane.

This is one of four programs presented as part of the Thingamajigs July virtual residency. Thingamajigs is a genre-crossing arts organization founded in the East Bay that promotes music and other art forms created with found materials or alternate tuning systems.