May God Forgive Me

(Que Dios me perdone)


María Félix, Fernando Soler, Julián Soler, Tito Junco,

Mexico’s glamour queen María Felix channels Bergman, Bacall, and Hayworth as a refugee hiding—or scheming—in Mexico City during World War II. Spy, prostitute, mother—the beautiful, mysterious, spectacularly dressed Felix could be one or all of these things, not that it matters as she navigates a city filled with spies, double agents, con artists, and nightclub performers, all looking for a way out, or at least another drink. A glamorous, nattily attired noir reminiscent of spy thrillers like Casablanca and Notorious, May God Forgive Me was directed by Tito Davison, a Chilean notorious for LSD cult film The Big Cube.

Jason Sanders
  • Tito Davison
  • José Revueltas
Based On
  • A story by Xavier Villaurrutia

  • Alex Phillips
  • Spanish
  • with English electronic titles
Print Info
  • B&W
  • 35mm
  • 91 mins
  • Filmoteca UNAM