Mosse Lecture: Ulrike Ottinger

In Conversation

  • Deniz Göktürk is a professor and chair of the Department of German at UC Berkeley.

The UC Berkeley Department of German and BAMPFA are pleased to host Ulrike Ottinger’s Mosse Lecture. Ottinger will present an illustrated talk discussing her approach to the visual design of her films, as well as her research methods for a nonfiction project like Chamisso’s Shadow. Following her presentation, Ottinger will be joined for an onstage conversation with Deniz Göktürk, professor of German and film studies at UC Berkeley.

Ottinger’s talk is the third Mosse Lecture hosted by the Department of German since the prestigious lecture series began at UC Berkeley. The annual lecture is generously supported by the Mosse Foundation and reflects the foundation’s mission to promote cultural exchange and political engagement. The Mosse Lectures were originally founded in 1997 at Humboldt University in Berlin to commemorate the history of the Mosse family, their patronage of the arts, and their contributions to intellectual life through the German-Jewish publishing house run by Rudolf Mosse and the newspaper Berliner Tageblatt.