Music Makes a City

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Elliot Carter, Chou Wen-chung, Norman Dello Joio, Joan Tower,

In the late 1940s, an orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky was about to go out of business. At that point, a new mayor, whose views about civic vitality were founded on the writings of the Chinese sage Confucius, stepped into office. His vision of prosperity was focused on making the arts available to every citizen of the city. Music Makes a City tells the rousing, inspiring, nearly unbelievable story of an orchestra and its city.
— Jerome Hiler

If there is a third hero in this picture, it is the soundtrack, which is featured in a way uncommon for a documentary. Interspersed with the history are neoclassical music videos of sorts [which] present the viewer an opportunity to sit back and consider the notes being played. 
— J. C. Walsh

  • Will Oldham
  • Jerome Hiler
  • Jerome Hiler
  • Marcel Cabrera
Print Info
  • B&W/Color
  • DCP
  • 103 mins
  • Owsley Brown Presents

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