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Nicaragua Hear-Say/See-Here

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Jeffrey Skoller is retiring after eighteen years of teaching in UC Berkeley’s Film & Media Department. For much of that time, he cocurated the Alternative Visions film series, as well as a number of Documentary Voices series, in conjunction with related courses he taught. In an innovative relationship, his students attended the programs alongside the public. To mark his significant contributions to our film program, we are delighted to present two of his films from his forty years of making cinema.

At the time of its making, Skoller described Nicaragua Hear-Say/See-Here: “[The film] is a modest attempt to better understand a situation that my own country's government and media have mystified and depersonalized by reducing the representations of Nicaragua to a war zone rather than a place where people live their lives. Using the process of making the film as a starting point for my own engagement with my subject, a world so different from my own, I begin with a question: As a North American, what is my relationship to Nicaragua?”

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  • Color
  • 16mm
  • 64 mins
  • Canyon Cinema
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The Unimagined Lives of Our Neighbors

Jeffrey Skoller, United States, 2019

At ninety-two, my neighbor, Berkeley denizen and Asian art scholar Joseph Fischer, recounts the life-changing experience of being among the first US Navy seamen sent into Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two weeks after the atom bombs were dropped.

Jeffrey Skoller

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  • Color
  • Digital
  • 27 mins
  • Canyon Cinema

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