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Paz Encina: Artist Talk

Paraguayan artist and 2017 UC Regents' Lecturer Paz Encina comes to BAMPFA for a week-long series of screenings of her films, each of which will be preceded by a conversation with the artist. She also delivers an illustrated lecture.

In this illustrated lecture, Encina discusses her installation work and the importance of site specificity for both her artwork and her films. She will also address the complexities of using the Archive of Terror in Paraguay—the unique and horrific archive kept by the Stroessner dictatorship of its "state terrorism"—from which she has drawn materials for her film and art practices, resulting in stunning and chilling work. The relationships among public space interventions, museum exhibitions, biennial showcases, and film festivals have emerged as fundamental questions for Encina. She will also share sections of a film,in-progress, that she is currently making with an indigenous tribe in Paraguay whose habitat is being destroyed.—Natalia Brizuela

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