The Price of Everything

  • In Person

A major Sotheby’s auction is the focal point for this broad exploration of the exploding market in contemporary art. Featuring incredibly candid interviews with collectors, curators, and artists, The Price of Everything is, to its credit, more intrigued by posing questions about the commodification of art than offering proscriptive answers about how the matter should be addressed. The film is particularly illuminating around the selling and reselling of particular artworks and how that impacts an artist’s control over his or her own creations.

“Nathaniel Kahn has gained unprecedented access to numerous art personalities and the works they all revere, to dive headlong into a community where everything is sold and traded like Wall Street stocks. The Price of Everything is a candid participatory investigation buttressed by massive and eclectic troves of knowledge and opinion that delight and infuriate in equal measure.”—Matthew Roe,

  • Bob Richman
Print Info
  • Color
  • DCP
  • 98 mins