• Carrie Lozano and Dawn Porter

Reporting from the Future: Storytelling in the Digital Age—A Berkeley Journalism School Showcase

Presented by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Students at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism have produced award-winning documentaries, photography, and innovative multimedia projects covering every topic from public health to immigration, human rights to politics. Employing still and moving imagery from around the world, dramatic personal narratives, and visual design of data, and incorporating 360-degree video, drone photography, animation, and more, students are pioneering the visual journalism of the future. For all the gloom and doom about the state of journalism as a business, this is a golden age of innovation for journalism, and technology is allowing us to cover local and global issues more easily and to distribute the work more broadly than ever before. Come see the best of the advanced work being done at the J-School, presented by faculty members Richard Koci Hernandez, Ken Light, Carrie Lozano, Dawn Porter, and Andrés Cediel.

For more information, visit artsdesign.berkeley.edu.