The Spiders, Part 1: The Golden Lake

(Die Spinnen, 1. Teil—Der Goldene See)
(The Adventures of Kay Hoog in Worlds Known and Unknown)

  • Judith Rosenberg
    On Piano

Carl de Vogt, Ressel Orla, Lil Dagover,

Lang’s extravagant The Spiders shares affinities with other serials of its day, notably those made by Louis Feuillade in France and by Louis J. Gasnier and Donald MacKenzie in the US. Lang also drew inspiration from sensational newspaper items and contemporary pulp fiction. The story begins in a high-society club in San Francisco where Kay Hoog, an American sportsman, tells of a message he found in a barnacle-encrusted bottle. In short order, Lang’s artful montage sequences lead us through Hoog’s globetrotting encounters with femme fatale Lio Shia, leader of the worldwide criminal organization called The Spiders.

  • Fritz Lang
  • Emil Schünemann
  • Karl Freund
  • Silent
  • with German intertitles and English e-titling
Print Info
  • B&W/Tinted
  • Digital
  • 75 mins