The Wizard of Oz

Recommended for ages 5 & up


Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr,

What better activity for a holiday weekend than a trip down the Yellow Brick Road together with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Woodsman? In a 35mm print that shows off its jewel-like colors and unforgettable music, this true classic has delights to beckon little munchkins and Auntie Ems alike to the theater (just don’t bring your little dog, too). The Wizard may be a sham, but the magic behind the movie curtain is real, and it endures.

  • Noel Langley
  • Florence Ryerson
  • Edgar Allan Woolf
Based On
  • the novel by L. Frank Baum

  • Harold Rosson
  • English
Print Info
  • Color
  • 35mm
  • 101 mins
  • Warner Bros.

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