Works from the Eisner Competition 2019

BAMPFA Student Committee Pick


  • In Person

Join the filmmakers for an evening of the outstanding student films that are this year’s prizewinners and honorable mentions in the film and video category of the Eisner Prize competition. The Eisner Prize is the highest award for creativity given on the UC Berkeley campus. Expect narratives, documentaries, experimental works, and animations. A handout with written descriptions by the artists will be available at the screening. This annual event, presented at BAMPFA since 1991, provides an opportunity for the filmmakers to meet and share their work with the community.

Featured Films:

Sam Headphones by Lena Gavenas (2018, Color, 3:40 mins)

A Natural Sequence of Events by Elizabeth Levinson (2019, Color, 1:50 mins)

expired by Regina Madanguit and Cookie BF (2017, Color, 4:09 mins)

Daily Vignettes #3 by Janan Mostajabi (2018, Color/B&W, 8:03 mins)

Boneyard by Sara Boutorabi (2018, Color, 2:10 mins, 16mm)

A short film made by money by Emerson Lin (2018, Silent, B&W, 2:40 mins, shot on 16mm)

Your Bones are Starving by Sam Chew (2018, Color, 3:06 mins)

Whatever. by Perrin Cao (2018, Color, 5 mins)

Absolutego by Miles Large (2018, Color, 3:12 mins)

To Burn in a Mother's Sea by Regina Pigsley (2017, Color, 2:40 mins)

Urban Combat Training Facility by Gabriella Willenz (2019, Hebrew with English titles, Color, 8:41 mins)

lana and charlie lie in bed by Edward Diven (2018, Color, 4:48 mins)

Anamnesis by Sepe Rafiei (2018, Color, 3:40 mins, shot on 16mm)

Tendreby Sara Boutorabi (2018, In French and English, Color, 4:43 mins)

Prize Winners:

Colonial Peeps by Xandra Ibarra (2014, Color, 4:05 mins)

Turn Around Side Piece by Xandra Ibarra (2018, Color, 2:50 mins, Loop)

Conversations Before Sunrise by Maiko Skinner (2018, In Japanese with English subtitles, Color, 8:09 mins)


Special thanks to Catherine Guzman, Eisner prizes and honors coordinator, and to Jeffrey Skoller, UC Berkeley faculty coordinator of the film and video competition.