• Zeph Fishlyn

Workshop: Evacuation Routes

“Public space” has been in radical flux in response to COVID-19, demanding rapid adaptation to new routines. Our relationships to the built environment and our fellow humans continue to morph in the crossfire of health science, government orders, cultural norms, and a powerful drive toward togetherness. 

In this evolving context, artist Zeph Fishlyn takes you on a live journey through the internal and external landscapes of your own neighborhood, exploring questions of safety, proximity, habit, longing, and perception. Participants begin at their own front door and join a Zoom call via cellphone. With the artist as facilitator and narrator, we will walk together, shifting the technological gaze away from ourselves and toward an exploration of the local environment. Walkers will practice feeling, observation, orientation, and decision-making while challenging the edges of virtual meeting technology and creating a collaborative document of simultaneous geographies.

Tip: Download this PDF made by the artist.