The Young Vote

In Person


Elena Ashburn, Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy, Liz Magallanes, Ariana Tulay,

As the United States teeters toward theocracy, it is painfully clear that the stakes in the upcoming midterm elections are nothing short of the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness promised to all of the nation’s peoples. The hope of preserving democracy largely depends on turnout at the ballot box. So, why don’t more Americans vote? First-time filmmaker Robinson’s documentary profiles four youth-led initiatives that address this conundrum among the nation’s most reluctant voting bloc: eighteen- to twenty-nine-year-olds, who exercise their franchise far less than any other age group. The head of the youth voting drive for Women’s March Action, a Black Lives Matter activist, a Dreamer registering voters in the Latinx community, and underage Floridians trying to revamp their state’s party primaries share theories and strategies for motivating Gen Z and Millennial citizens with the power to change outcomes—if they show up on election day.

Shari Kizirian
  • Diane Robinson
  • Seth Cuddeback
  • Jamie Randel
  • Sean Kawamoto
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  • Color
  • DCP
  • 67 mins
  • Mill Valley Film Festival