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Past Films

  • Streaming: Ailey

    • Friday, December 24 Streaming All Day
    • Saturday, December 25 Streaming All Day
    • Sunday, December 26 Streaming All Day
    • Monday, December 27 Streaming All Day
    • Tuesday, December 28 Streaming All Day
    • Wednesday, December 29 Streaming All Day
    • Thursday, December 30 Streaming All Day
    Jamila Wignot
    United States, 2021

    Told through Alvin Ailey’s own words and featuring evocative archival footage and interviews with those who intimately knew him, Ailey weaves together a resonant biography of an elusive visionary.

  • Streaming: Whisky

    • Tuesday, November 23 Streaming All Day
    • Wednesday, November 24 Streaming All Day
    • Thursday, November 25 Streaming All Day
    • Friday, November 26 Streaming All Day
    • Saturday, November 27 Streaming All Day
    • Sunday, November 28 Streaming All Day
    Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll
    Uruguay, 2004

    BAMPFA Collection

    Winner of the Prix du Regard at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, Whisky is a deadpan comedy that looks at loneliness, family, friendship, and keeping up appearances. “Global cinema at its best. A truly great film!” (Film Threat).

  • Streaming: Trouble the Water

    • Friday, August 6 Streaming All Day
    • Saturday, August 7 Streaming All Day
    • Sunday, August 8 Streaming All Day
    Tia Lessin, Carl Deal
    United States, 2008

    An aspiring New Orleans rapper turns a video camera on herself and her community—and captures Hurricane Katrina and its after-effects—in this remarkable look at everyday heroism. Winner, 2008 Documentary Grand Prize at Sundance.

  • Streaming: California Typewriter

    • Friday, July 16 All Day
    • Saturday, July 17 All Day
    • Sunday, July 18 All Day
    Doug Nichol
    United States, 2016

    This hymn to the ordinary typewriter, centered on Berkeley's own California Typewriter, is also a portrait of the countless artists, writers, and collectors who remain steadfast in their love and loyalty. “Pure typewriter heaven” (Don DeLillo).

  • Streaming: Alamar

    • Friday, June 11 All Day
    • Saturday, June 12 All Day
    • Sunday, June 13 All Day
    Pedro González-Rubio
    Mexico, 2009

    This effortlessly beautiful film follows a Mayan father and his young son as they spend a summer working (and playing) along the Mexican Caribbean coast.

  • Streaming: Eva Hesse

    • Friday, May 21 All Day
    • Saturday, May 22 All Day
    • Sunday, May 23 All Day
    Marcie Begleiter
    United States, Germany, 2016

    An inspiring, heartbreaking profile of the artist Eva Hesse, one of the most significant American artists of the last century. “An indispensable aid to understanding and appreciating a fascinating artist” (New York Times).

  • Streaming: The Cranes Are Flying

    • Friday, April 23 All Day
    • Saturday, April 24 All Day
    • Sunday, April 25 All Day
    Mikhail Kalatozov
    USSR, 1957

    Mikhail Kalatozov’s stunning visualized drama of young love and ambition destroyed by war. Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival.

  • Streaming: Bamako

    • Friday, April 2 All Day
    • Saturday, April 3 All Day
    • Sunday, April 4 All Day
    Abderrahmane Sissako
    Mali, France, United States, 2006

    Set in the Malian capital of its title, Abderrahmane Sissako’s passionate polemic centers on a show trial in which the plaintiff, “African society,” argues against exploitation by the defendant, the World Bank.

  • Streaming—Agnès Varda: From Here to There

    • Friday, March 12 All Day
    • Saturday, March 13 All Day
    • Sunday, March 14 All Day
    • Monday, March 15 All Day
    • Tuesday, March 16 All Day
    • Wednesday, March 17 All Day
    • Thursday, March 18 All Day
    • Friday, March 19 All Day
    • Saturday, March 20 All Day
    • Sunday, March 21 All Day
    Agnès Varda
    France, 2011

    Armed with her inimitable insight and ability to find beauty where one least expects it, Varda travels to various far-flung locales in this five-part miniseries made for French television.

  • Streaming: Araya

    • Friday, February 26 All Day
    • Saturday, February 27 All Day
    • Sunday, February 28 All Day
    Margot Benacerraf
    Venezuela, 1959

    Free streaming presentation for BAMPFA members only! Password required.

    Filmed on Venezuela’s otherworldly salt flats, this rediscovered masterpiece of poetic nonfiction by one of Latin America’s key female filmmakers was an influence on Brazil’s Cinema Novo and a spectacular forerunner to I Am Cuba.

  • Streaming: The Edge of the World

    • Friday, February 12 All Day
    • Saturday, February 13 All Day
    • Sunday, February 14 All Day
    Michael Powell
    United Kingdom, 1937

    Free streaming presentation for BAMPFA members only! Password required.

    In a remote Scottish island community facing extinction through isolation, two young men embark on a foolish challenge. Michael Powell’s stunningly photographed film is a hybrid of documentary-like realism and poetic fatalism.

  • Streaming: The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    • Friday, January 22 All Day
    • Saturday, January 23 All Day
    • Sunday, January 24 All Day
    Lotte Reiniger
    Germany, 1926

    Free streaming presentation for BAMPFA members only! Password required.

    One of the world’s first animated feature films, Lotte Reiniger’s enchanting work uses intricate silhouettes to enact a tale from The Arabian Nights.

  • Streaming: The Light Thief

    • Friday, January 8 All Day
    • Saturday, January 9 All Day
    • Sunday, January 10 All Day
    Aktan Arym Kubat
    Kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Netherlands, 2010

    Free streaming presentation for BAMPFA members only! Password required.

    A simple electrician finds himself in a difficult position when an ambitious politician embraces his dream of generating wind energy for his impoverished town. This affecting allegory dramatizes the complex challenges facing the developing economies of post-Soviet Central Asia.