Dive Deep into Way Bay


Dive deep into Way Bay, a sweeping exhibition of 200 years of Bay Area creative energies, with Way Bay Days, a multipart program in which varied and provocative speakers each take on one Bay Area artist, sharing fascinating histories and individual stories.

Way Bay Days: Kevin Killian, Mark Johnson, Claire Carlevaro, Jack von Euw

Saturday, March 17, 1:30 PM

Kevin Killian, a novelist, poet, playwright, and art writer, looks at Harry Jacobus and his compelling abstract and figurative art. Mark Johnson, professor of art at San Francisco State University and director of the SF State Art Gallery, presents on artist, theorist, writer, and teacher Saburo Hasegawa. Gallerist Claire Carlevaro is the biographer of Ruth Wall, whom she characterizes as “a reclusive and remarkable artist and poet.” Jack von Euw, curator of the Bancroft Library Pictorial Collection, addresses the elusive Ludwig Choris.

Way Bay Days: Dena Beard, Jeffrey Spahn, Jeff Gunderson, Steve Anker

Saturday, May 5, 1:30 PM

Dena Beard, executive director of The Lab in San Francisco, talks about artist and activist Xara Thustra. Jeffrey Spahn, an art dealer specializing in twentieth-century American, British, and Japanese studio ceramics and sculpture, focuses on textile and fiber artist Kay Sekimachi. San Francisco Art Institute librarian and archivist Jeff Gunderson discusses Carlos Villa, one of the most accomplished Filipino-American artists of all time. Steve Anker, co-curator of film at REDCAT and former dean of the CalArts School of Film/Video, presents revolutionary filmmaker Alice Parker Severson.

Programs are included with gallery admission. 

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