Nichi Bei Weekly Explores the Fiber Art of Kay Sekimachi at BAMPFA

On the occasion of Kay Sekimachi's new survey at BAMPFA—the first hometown museum exhibition for the 94-year-old Berkeley artist—Sekimachi spoke with Japantown's Nichi Bei Weekly about growing up in the Bay Area's Japanese American community during the 1930s, her role in the early fiber arts movement of the 1970s, and the influence of Japanese cultural traditions that shapes her work into the present. The article also describes the exhibition at BAMPFA:

"After a year of COVID-19 lockdown, walking into a museum to luxuriate in art felt a little outrageous. Everything the eyes landed on was dense with texture and nuanced with color in ways that flattened pixels on a screen cannot convey. A selection of large, abstract sculptures swim from the ceiling, casting delicate shadows."

Read the full article here, and get your tickets to visit Kay Sekimachi: Geometries here.