African Film Festival

1/24/08 to 2/28/08

This series invites Bay Area audiences to experience the vibrant voices and visions of recent African cinema. New works and favorites from the international festival circuit offer compelling artistry and insight into Africa's changing cultural landscape. This year, we offer a special focus on Abderrahmane Sissako, the director of Bamako.

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  • Juju Factory, February 28

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Past Films

  • Juju Factory

    • Thursday, February 28 7:30 pm

    A Congolese intellectual in Brussels struggles to keep his new book from being exoticized in this dazzling cinematic essay on exile, colonialism, and history, a combination of the challenging theatrics of Brecht and the intellectual savvy of Frantz Fanon.

  • The Forgotten Man

    • Sunday, February 17 5:30 pm

    Osvalde Lewat-Hallade's thoughtful documentary on the Cameroonian prison system “shows you what a camera can do.”-Village Voice. With Lewat-Hallade's A Love During the War.

  • Young Rebels: New Visions from Africa

    • Wednesday, February 13 6:30 pm

    An eclectic, electric program offers magic realism from Lesotho, documentary from Zimbabwe, and social commentary from Nigeria.

  • Life on Earth

    • Wednesday, February 13 8:10 pm

    Sissako's rapturous portrait of his father's village in Mali as it waits for the 21st century. With Sissako's Rostov-Luanda.

  • Clouds over Conakry

    • Saturday, February 9 8:30 pm

    Hip-hop and laptops collide with religious edicts and traditional demands in this lively romantic drama from Guinea. “An impressive debut.”-Variety

  • Two by Ousmane Sembène, plus Menged (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, February 7 5:30 pm

    Free First Thursday Screening! Introduced by Paap Alsaan Sow. Two influential early films by African cinema's spiritual father, Ousmane Sembène: Borom Sarret and Tauw. With Menged, an award-winning new film from Ethiopia, featuring music by Tlahoun Gessesse.

  • Waiting for Happiness

    • Saturday, January 26 6:30 pm

    Abderrahmane Sissako's tale of life in a Mauritanian seaside village unfolds in a series of arresting images. “A poignant, poetic reflection on themes of exile, travel, home, and displacement.”-Variety

  • Bamako

    • Saturday, January 26 8:30 pm

    See Thursday, January 24.

  • Bamako

    • Thursday, January 24 6:30 pm

    Set in the Malian capital of its title, Abderrahmane Sissako's passionate polemic centers on a show trial in which the plaintiff, “African society,” argues against exploitation by the defendant, the World Bank. Repeated on Saturday, January 26.