African Film Festival 2005

2/3/05 to 2/13/05

  • Moolaadé|February 11-13|

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Past Films

  • Moolaadé

    • Sunday, February 13 3:00pm

    For description, please see February 11, above.

  • Moolaadé

    • Saturday, February 12 6:30pm

    Introduced by Leigh Raiford. For film description, please see February 11, above.

  • Faat-Kine

    • Saturday, February 12 9:15pm

    Introduced by Leigh Raiford. The first in Sembene's series on "everyday heroes" (Moolaadé is the second) centers on the quick-witted proprietress of a Dakar gas station. "A rich comedy of manners that gives a feeling of hope about Africa's future."-Film Comment

  • Moolaadé

    • Friday, February 11 7:00pm

    Universally acclaimed, Senegalese master Ousmane Sembene's latest portrays a mother's courage in protecting the next generation of women from the suffering she has endured. "This has to be the most richly entertaining movie anyone has ever made on the subject of female genital mutilation."-Village Voice. Repeated February 12 and 13.

  • Waiting for Happiness

    • Friday, February 11 9:25pm

    Introduced by Anna Livia. Abderrahmane Sissako's tale of life in a Mauritanian seaside village unfolds in a series of arresting images. "A poignant, poetic reflection on themes of exile, travel, home, and displacement."-Variety

  • Dirt for Dinner

    • Thursday, February 10 7:30pm

    Introduced by LaToya Beck. This intriguing documentary follows the rise and fall of Sam Meffire, the son of a Cameroonian father and a German mother, whose trajectory from upstanding icon of East German integration to convicted criminal reveals the paradoxes and delusions of a multicultural Europe.

  • Cosmic Africa

    • Sunday, February 6 5:00pm

    Introduced by Lisa Marie Rollins. South African astronomer Thebe Medupe charts the intersections of Western science and African myth in this exquisitely shot documentary.

  • The Price of Forgiveness

    • Sunday, February 6 6:45pm

    Introduced by Lisa Marie Rollins. This engaging fable of life in a Senegalese fishing village deftly shifts between the real and the supernatural. With music by Youssou n'Dour.

  • Campus Queen

    • Saturday, February 5 7:00pm

    Kelani's latest opus is part political satire, part campus musical comedy-"a free-form African School Daze."-Variety

  • Madame Brouette

    • Saturday, February 5 9:00pm

    Introduced by Alassane Sow. From Moussa Sene Absa, a colorful, musical tale of independent women, chauvinist men, and what happens when they come together in a Senegalese shantytown.

  • Agogo Eewo

    • Saturday, February 5 5:00pm

    Nigerian video auteur Tunde Kelani's comedy of corruption "interlaces snatches of popular and traditional culture...into a plea for political sanity."-Variety

  • Soldiers of the Rock

    • Friday, February 4 7:00pm

    A business student ventures into the subterranean world of gold miners in this South African action allegory from impressive new director Norman Maake, "seemingly inspired by both Ken Loach and Michael Bay."-Variety

  • Daresalam

    • Friday, February 4 9:05pm

    A perceptive study of civil war in Chad, and a poignant story of friendship tested. "Spectacularly photographed....Daresalam brilliantly weaves memory, hope, and despair."-SF Weekly

  • Story of a Beautiful Country (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, February 3 5:30pm

    A young South African documentary filmmaker sets out in search of his country.

  • Kounandi

    • Thursday, February 3 7:30pm

    Introduced by Cornelius Moore. This magical short feature from Burkina Faso about an orphaned dwarf is an "absorbing account of the transformative power of love....One of the finest African films in recent years."-Village Voice. With shorts About Braids and For the Night, all impressive new films by women.