Afterimage: The Films of Patricio Guzmán

4/2/11 to 4/28/11

Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán is best known for his monumental, three-part Battle of Chile, which documented the rise and fall of Salvador Allende; he followed this with a portrait of the revolutionary president (Salvador Allende) and an indictment of the general who led the military coup against him (The Pinochet Case). As part of our ongoing Afterimage series, we are honored to host the filmmaker in conversation with film scholar and critic Jorge Ruffinelli at a screening of his most recent film, Nostalgia for the Light, on April 28.

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Past Films

  • Chile, Obstinate Memory

    • Sunday, April 17 3:00 PM

    Guzmán returns to Chile to interview those who lived through the events of (and in some cases, appeared in) The Battle of Chile. “A battle against forgetting and the falsification of history, but above all, the film allows a fight against the collective amnesia programmed by Pinochet”(Les Inrockuptibles). With A Village Fading Away. (110 mins)

  • The Pinochet Case

    • Saturday, April 16 6:30 PM

    Patricio Guzmán (France/Belgium/Chile, 2001). In 1998 the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet became the first leader since the Nuremberg Trials to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity; this searing documentary follows the remarkable court case that led to the arrest. (109 mins)

  • The Battle of Chile Part II: The Coup d'Etat

    • Sunday, April 10 3:00 PM

    Patricio Guzmán (Chile/Cuba/France, 1976). Details the period from the first failed coup d'état against Allende in 1973 to the final days of his government, including dramatic footage of the military assault on the presidential palace. “An overwhelming and admirable documentary of a country thrown into chaos with the inevitability of a Greek tragedy” (Los Angeles Times). (88 mins)

  • The Battle of Chile Part III: The Power of the People

    • Sunday, April 10 5:30 PM

    Patricio Guzmán (Chile/Cuba/France, 1978). Moving beyond the government battles and intrigue, this third section details the creation of thousands of collective endeavors by ordinary workers and peasants, all hoping to overcome the crisis. “It is, irrefutably, an epic film”(New York Times). (78 mins)

  • The Battle of Chile Part I: The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie

    • Sunday, April 10 1:00 PM

    Patricio Guzmán (Chile/Cuba/France, 1975). Filmed on the streets as events were occurring, Guzmán's legendary documentary captured first the peaceful rise of Chile's socialist revolution, then the chaos and heartbreak of the 1973 coup against it and President Salvador Allende. “The major political film of our time”(Village Voice). (96 mins)

  • The Southern Cross

    • Thursday, April 7 7:00 PM

    Patricio Guzmán (Spain, 1992). This overview of popular religiosity in Latin America journeys from pre-Colombian myths to liberation theology. “A sure synthesis of fiction and documentary. It's a voice of voices: a space for an encounter of American diversity, which helps us to recognize ourselves as fingers on the same hand”(Eduardo Galeano). (80 mins)

  • Salvador Allende

    • Saturday, April 2 6:30 PM

    Patricio Guzmán (Chile/France, 2004). A definitive portrait of the legendary Chilean leader, from his youth in Valparaiso to the violent coup that brought his death on September 11, 1973. “A captivating film”(Cahiers du cinema). (100 mins)