Alternative Visions

9/2/08 to 10/28/08

Our Tuesday evening avant-garde showcase returns for a wide-ranging fall season that features works by Craig Baldwin, Robert Beavers, James Benning, Robert Breer, Valie Export, and many others, plus a program of found-footage works in memory of the late Bruce Conner.

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  • Robert Breer’s Eyewash, September 23

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Past Films

  • My Hand Outstretched: Films by Robert Beavers

    • Tuesday, October 28 7:30 PM

    Beavers's meticulously crafted films capture personal themes and the European landscape with rigor, lyricism, and exquisite beauty.

  • Alternative Requirements 2008: Bay Area Student Experimental Film Festival

    • Tuesday, October 21 7:30 PM

    Experimental films by Bay Area students present powerful visions of a disillusioned society.

  • RR

    • Tuesday, October 14 7:30 PM

    “Seen either as a precise visual critique of the destructive legacy of the railroad on the American landscape, or as a marvelous montage honoring the mesmerizing beauty of trains in motion, James Benning's RR may be the final word on the American rails.”-Variety

  • Materialist Cinema

    • Tuesday, October 7 7:30 PM

    Filmmakers of the '60s and '70s explored the properties of the medium in rigorous works that still reveal truths about cinema. Works by Coleen Fitzgibbon, Owen Land, Alice Anne Parker, Paul Sharits, and Joyce Wieland.

  • Invisible Adversaries

    • Tuesday, September 30 7:30 PM

    From Austrian artist Valie Export, “one of the richest avant-garde features of the 1970s . . . a feminist reworking of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”-Village Voice

  • Bang: Robert Breer in 35mm

    • Tuesday, September 23 7:30 PM

    Robert Breer's inspired animations are playful and formal, autobiographical and abstract, and faster than a speeding bullet. In this program of new 35mm prints from Anthology Film Archives, the films have incredible clarity and impact.

  • Collage Animations

    • Tuesday, September 16 7:30 PM

    In low-tech, handmade works, Janie Geiser, Lewis Klahr, and Eric Saks construct cryptic messages and fragmented narratives out of disparate materials. In animating inanimate objects, they bring new life to life's puzzle.

  • History Stutters: Found Footage Films

    • Tuesday, September 9 7:30 PM

    Sylvia Schedelbauer in Person. A program of found-footage films pays tribute to the late Bruce Conner. Works by Conner, John Baldessari, Ken Jacobs, Walid Ra'ad, and Sylvia Schedelbauer.

  • Mock Up on Mu

    • Tuesday, September 2 7:30 PM

    Craig Baldwin in Person. Notorious Bay Area kino-renegade Baldwin presents his rapid-fire pulp serial–cum–political tract on postwar California's biggest hits: the military, Disney, and Scientology.