Another Border: Films and Videos from the Cinémathèque de Tanger Archives

9/13/09 to 10/1/09

A selection of short films, documentaries, and experimental works showcases the vitality of contemporary Moroccan film and video alongside the richness of historic archival footage from the region.

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  • El Batalett, Women from the Medina, September 20

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Past Films

  • Who Are the Others?

    • Thursday, October 1 6:30 pm

    Mounir Fatmi, Brahim Fritah, Tala Hadid, Max Lemcke (Morocco/France/Spain/U.S., 1998–2005). Four short films contemplate questions of identity. (72 mins)

  • From a Distant Land

    • Thursday, September 24 6:30 pm

    Hakim Bellabes, Brahim Fritah (Morocco/France/U.S., 1992–2005). A portrayal of a Togolese woman who was a victim of slavery in France, and an émigré's personal look at issues of separation, independence, and return. (75 mins)

  • Feminine vs. Masculine

    • Sunday, September 20 3:00 pm

    Dalila Ennadre, Hicham Falah, Mohamed Chrif Tribak (Morocco/France/Belgium, 2001–2003). Two portraits of everyday life: among a group of women in the old Medina of Casablanca, and along the boardwalk in a small coastal town. (80 mins)

  • (Hi)story Tellers

    • Sunday, September 13 3:00 pm

    Ali Essafi, Mohamed Ulad Mohand, Gabriel Veyre (Morocco, 1935–2001). Images of 1935 Tangier; reflections on Moroccan life from American author Paul Bowles; and a trip to Ourzazate, a small town that makes its living from international film production. (91 mins)