Blood of a Poet: The Films of Lech Majewski

11/16/07 to 12/2/07

Polish-born poet, painter, composer, video artist, and filmmaker Lech Majewski is “a major discovery, a brilliant filmmaker whose haunting aesthetic is formed of much deeper stuff, processed through a lively mind and idiosyncratic imagination, chastened and tempered by history.”-Washington Post

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  • Angelus, November 18

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Past Films

  • Basquiat

    • Sunday, December 2 3:00 PM

    A poison-pen valentine to the early '80s N.Y. art scene, as lived by doomed graffiti artist–turned–art star Jean-Michel Basquiat. Written by Majewski, directed by Julian Schnabel.

  • The Gospel According to Harry

    • Friday, November 30 9:15 PM

    A pre–Lord of the Rings Viggo Mortensen is adrift in a futuristic California suburb after the Pacific has turned to sand in Majewski's Lynchian dystopia of ecology-and society-run amok.

  • Wojaczek

    • Friday, November 30 7:00 PM

    Majewski's portrait of poet and provocateur Rafal Wojaczek, a Rimbaud for Iron Curtain–era Poland. “Black-and-white elegance. . . . Continually laugh-out-loud biopic.”-Village Voice

  • The Knight

    • Sunday, November 18 4:30 PM

    Lech Majewski in Person. Majewski's tale of medieval fury and faith is “beautiful, mystical.”-L.A. Times

  • Angelus

    • Sunday, November 18 6:30 PM

    Lech Majewski in Person. Fellini meets Tarkovsky in this gorgeous paean to eccentricity, set among coal-mining painters in Stalinist Poland.

  • The Roe's Room

    • Friday, November 16 7:00 PM

    Lech Majewski in Person. Emotions and sensations sing in this inspiring cinematic opera, set entirely inside a family apartment that slowly succumbs to nature. “One of a kind.”-Time Out

  • Glass Lips

    • Friday, November 16 9:15 PM

    Lech Majewski in Person. Majewski combines 33 short video-art pieces into one dreamlike work involving a poet, childhood, and memory. Like a Polish Cremaster Cycle, yet personal, political, and ultimately affecting.