Documentary Voices 2024

February 7–April 24, 2024

Our annual series features an international array of recent and historical documentaries and nonfiction films.

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  • Richland

  • three sparks

  • I Heard it Through the Grapevine

  • Ch’ul Be, Sacred Path

  • Kuifi ul

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Past Films

  • Walking Archives: Thoughts on Mangroves, Schools, Round Houses, and Weaving

    • Wednesday, April 24 7 PM

    Three of Filipa César’s collaborative projects draw on memories and oral tradition: a militant school is re-created, Creole weaving is used to explore computer programming and globalization, and traditional round houses are compared to contemporary square ones.

    Filipa César in Person

  • Mueda, Memory and Massacre

    • Wednesday, April 17 7 PM
    Ruy Guerra
    Mozambique, 1979

    New Digital Restoration
    Screen Slate Pick!

    Three films reveal the history of the Mozambique liberation struggle through different cinematic forms. Ruy Guerra documents a reenactment of the massacre that triggered the Mozambique War of Independence, a protest song and dance recalls the migration to work in mines in apartheid South Africa, and a recent fictional reconstruction examines rural land dispossession.

  • Ch’ul be, Sacred Path

    • Wednesday, April 10 7 PM
    Humberto Gómez Pérez
    Mexico, 2023

    Ch’ul be explores the ancient collective commitments, devotion, and music that sustain the cycle of life in the Tsotsil community of San Andrés Larráinzar, Chiapas. With Chick Strand’s luminous portrait of musician Anselmo Aguascalientes.

  • R21: aka Restoring Solidarity

    • Wednesday, April 3 7 PM
    Mohanad Yaqubi
    Palestine, Belgium, Qatar, 2022

    Drawing on a collection of twenty films safeguarded in the home of a Japanese scholar in Tokyo, Palestinian filmmaker and archivist Mohanad Yaqubi tells the story of Palestine’s struggle through the lens of international solidarity.

    Introduced by Samera Esmeir

  • The Echo

    • Wednesday, March 20 7 PM
    Tatiana Huezo
    Mexico, Germany, 2023

    The cycles of life, seasons, and harvesting anchor this luminous look at multigenerational family life in a remote Puebla community. “An intimate, immersive portrait of a way of life” (Hollywood Reporter).

    Tatiana Huezo and Nicolás Pereda in Conversation

  • Films by Francisco Huichaqueo Pérez

    • Wednesday, March 13 7 PM

    Copresented by UC Berkeley’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)

    A program of four films by the Mapuche artist Francisco Huichaqueo Pérez demonstrating a variety of approaches to engage with, activate, and preserve Indigenous traditions and foster understanding.

    Francisco Huichaqueo Pérez and Natalia Brizuela in Conversation

  • During Revolution

    • Sunday, March 10 2 PM
    Maya Khoury
    Syria, Sweden, 2019

    Of the many filmed records of the Syrian Civil War, During Revolution is distinguished by its sense of chaos and uncertainty, as well as its candid depiction of a revolutionary movement bitterly splintering into competing factions.

    Charif Kiwan, Stefania Pandolfo, and Anneka Lenssen in Conversation

  • Syria: Snapshots of History in the Making

    • Wednesday, March 6 7 PM
    Syria, France, 2014

    Les Blank Lecture

    This complex, multifaceted depiction of everyday life during revolution and war—made by those living through it—is assembled from videos made and released by the anonymous Syrian film collective Abounaddara.

    Charif Kiwan, Stefania Pandolfo, and Soraya Tlatli in Conversation

  • three sparks

    • Wednesday, February 28 7 PM
    Naomi Uman
    Mexico/Albania, 2023

    Continuing her focus on rural agricultural communities, traditions, and histories, Naomi Uman’s three sparks is a cinematic triptych showing the struggle and beauty of village life in the Albanian highlands. “A quicksilver vision of collective being” (Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Screen Slate).

  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine

    • Wednesday, February 21 7 PM
    Dick Fontaine, Pat Hartley
    United States, 1982

    New Digital Restoration

    Dick Fontaine’s record of James Baldwin’s 1980 journey to visit the sites and speak with fellow survivors of the civil rights movement, I Heard It Through the Grapevine remains a timely and layered interrogation of American history. With Sedat Pakay’s portrait of Baldwin in Istanbul.

    Introduced by Stephen Best

  • Skip Norman: Collaborations

    • Wednesday, February 14 7 PM

    Deeply collaborative, and with a political alignment that extended from the classroom to the streets, the work produced by the inaugural (1966) cohort of the DFFB rallied against the injustices they saw around them. With films by Harun Farocki, Helke Sander, and others.

    Introduced by Deniz Göktürk

  • Richland

    • Wednesday, February 7 7 PM
    Irene Lusztig
    United States, 2023

    Closed captioned

    Irene Lusztig’s portrait of Richland, Washington, contrasts the city’s uncannily idyllic surface with the murderous history and lies on which it was built. This is a trenchant accounting of the human and environmental price paid for a “good life.”

    Irene Lusztig in Person