El Futuro Está Aquí: Sci-Fi Classics from Mexico

6/24/10 to 6/27/10

See a robot in mortal battle with an Aztec mummy! A masked wrestler repelling an invasion from Mars! Venusian babes falling for a charro from Chihuahua! These movies are a deranged blend of American sci-fi tropes and Mexican pop mythology.

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  • The Ship of Monsters, June 24

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Past Films

  • Planet of the Female Invaders

    • Sunday, June 27 7:10 pm

    Alfredo B. Crevenna (Mexico, 1965). The female inhabitants of a faraway planet form a plot to harvest human lungs in an alien-invasion spectacular that will take your breath away. (85 mins)

  • The Aztec Mummy vs. the Human Robot

    • Saturday, June 26 7:00 pm

    Rafael Portillo (Mexico, 1957). Faux Aztec legend meets Ed Wood–esque special effects as a sinister character builds a low-rent robot in an attempt to steal an ancient treasure. (65 mins)

  • Santo vs. the Martian Invasion

    • Saturday, June 26 8:35 pm

    Alfredo B. Crevenna (Mexico, 1966). The fate of the universe hangs in the balance after extraterrestrials land on Earth. Silver-masked wrestler Santo to the rescue! (85 mins)

  • The Ship of Monsters

    • Thursday, June 24 7:30 pm

    Rogelio A. González (Mexico, 1959). Venus needs men! Searching the universe for male bioforms, bathing-suited Venusian babes crash-land in Chihuahua. In the war of the worlds, will love conquer all? (81 mins)