Eyeing Nature

7/5/05 to 8/30/05

  • Ten Skies, August 30

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Past Films

  • Ten Skies

    • Tuesday, August 30 19:30

    James Benning in Person. "Fabulously rich and intense. The skyscapes are filled with life and change at the speed of light….Like Ozu's films, Benning's poetic explorations of the American space bring us to a moment of pure contemplation, in which a fleeting absolute may be glanced at behind the cool seduction of appearances."-Film Comment

  • 13 Lakes

    • Tuesday, August 23 19:30

    "Old-school minimalist James Benning pushes whatever boundaries are left-his 13 Lakes and Ten Skies are the most radical, and awesome, films anywhere....Installation pieces designed for the big screen, or in Benning's words 'found paintings,' the films deliver on their titles' promises."-Village Voice

  • Animal Attraction

    • Tuesday, August 16 19:30

    In Kathy High's diverting doc, aspiring animal communicators frolic on an upstate New York farm while beasts from various phyla divulge their innermost thoughts. With shorts by Su Friedrich, Wago Kreider, Monteith McCollum, and Jim Trainor.

  • The Forest for the Trees: Judi Bari vs. the FBI

    • Tuesday, August 9 19:30

    Bernadine Mellis in Person. Earth First! organizer Judi Bari's car was bombed and within hours she was labeled a terrorist. Mellis, whose father was one of Bari's lawyers, gives us insight into her legal battle. Shown with Jason Livingston's Under Foot and Overstory, a seriously playful look at environmentalists attacking job one: the mission statement.

  • Storm and Stress

    • Tuesday, August 2 19:30

    Janis Crystal Lipzin in Person. The effects of Hiroshima on plants, the caprices of weather in the Big Apple, Alaskan ice floes and fleeting family gatherings-a program of formally inventive films marking the passing of time and man's often troubled relationship to nature. Works by Eve Heller, Jim Jennings, Lynn Marie Kirby, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Cynthia Madansky/Elle Flanders, Rebecca Meyers, Julie Murray, Emily Richardson, Leslie Thornton, and Robert Todd.

  • Skulls, Sparrows, and Chalk Drawings

    • Tuesday, July 26 19:30

    Some pretty interesting folks dabble in natural history-a fictional heroine called Ima Plume, a real-life bear hunter who rues his luck, a girl who swallows a bee-in these inventive works by Nancy Andrews, Cecelia Condit, Joel Katz, Mary Robertson, Su Rynard, and Jim Trainor.

  • Proteus: A Nineteenth-Century Vision

    • Tuesday, July 19 19:30

    The 19th-century biologist and painter Ernst Haeckel is the subject of Proteus, but filmmaker David Lebrun "makes us contemplate the majestic vastness of the natural universe and its complex artistic perfection in ways that even Haeckel could only have imagined."-Variety. With shorts by Sean Dockray and Kaipo Newhouse.

  • The Great Art of Knowing

    • Tuesday, July 12 19:30

    David Gatten's film-as-bibliography The Great Art of Knowing, on the library of Virginia's William Byrd, brings out the sensuousness of the printed text. With Peter Hutton's stunning new work Skagafjördur: contemplative shots of Iceland, like a landscape painting, reveal their beauty over time.

  • Darwin's Nightmare

    • Sunday, July 10 17:30

    Please see Tuesday, July 5.

  • Darwin's Nightmare

    • Tuesday, July 5 19:30

    Exclusive Berkeley engagement! Hubert Sauper's prize-winning documentary is a deeply ironic, moving look at an economy based on an ecological nightmare at Lake Victoria, Tanzania. "A scathing commentary on the state of emergency brought about by globalization [and] the endless pursuit of profit."-Toronto Film Festival. Repeated July 10.