French Cinema Under the Occupation

8/12/05 to 8/21/05

  • Children of Paradise, August 12, 14

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Past Films

  • Safe Conduct

    • Sunday, August 21 15:00

    Bertrand Tavernier's drama based on the WWII memories and lives of his fellow filmmakers. "A rangy, irreverent, episodic odyssey through French filmmaking during the of the very best movies ever made about the life of moviemaking."-Village Voice. Followed by special surprise feature!

  • Goupi Mains Rouges

    • Saturday, August 20 19:00

    From Jacques Becker (Grisbi) comes this offbeat film about four generations of a family who run a country inn. Bickering over a hidden treasure leads to a murder, and a mystery, embedded in a personal and comic portrait of peasant life.

  • Le Corbeau

    • Saturday, August 20 21:10

    Classic film noir dealing with the effect on a small town of an outbreak of poison pen letters. Within the thriller format, director Clouzot (Diabolique) conducts a study of group psychology in a mood of all-embracing suspicion.

  • La Nuit fantastique

    • Friday, August 19 19:30

    Fernand Gravey and Micheline Presle in a freewheeling wartime escapist fantasy by Marcel L'Herbier: "A kind of surrealist screwball comedy, it's part Man Ray, part My Man Godfrey."-Stephen Harvey, MoMA

  • Douce

    • Friday, August 19 21:20

    "If ever there was a buried treasure, the delectable Douce is it. Considered Autant-Lara's masterpiece, it is set in Belle Époque Paris and charts the decline of an aristocratic family to symbolize the end of an era and of a moral order."-Cinematheque Ontario

  • Children of Paradise

    • Sunday, August 14 17:30

    Please see Friday, August 12.

  • Le Mariage de Chiffon

    • Saturday, August 13 19:00

    Very rare! From screenwriter Jean Aurenche and director Claude Autant-Lara, who reveals his genius for "sharp and often sardonic querying of bourgeois values" (Roy Armes) in a romance set in 1904.

  • Remorques

    • Saturday, August 13 21:05

    A huge hit in wartime France, with Jean Gabin and Michèle Morgan. Director Jean Grémillon's films "capture the sensibility of the times with their wistful romanticism, the fatality of their conclusions, and their attention to social classes."-Dudley Andrew

  • Children of Paradise

    • Friday, August 12 19:30

    "This lushly romantic creation, directed by Marcel Carné and written by Jacques Prévert, is a one-of-a-kind film, a sumptuous epic about the relations between theatre and life…and a film poem on the nature and varieties of love."-Pauline Kael. Repeated on Sunday, August 14.