Highly Defined: New Works from the Voom HD Lab

10/17/07 to 10/24/07

Works from the artist-in-residence program at HDTV network Voom begin to reveal the myriad possibilities of proliferating pixels.

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  • The Lonely Girl, October 17

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Past Films

  • HD Program 2

    • Wednesday, October 24 7:30 PM

    Handheld or precisely honed, these high-def shorts explore the varied pictorial possibilities of multiplying pixels. Works by Theo Angell, Benton-C Bainbridge, Ericka Beckmann, Lili Chin, Bradley Eros, Gregory King, Alix Pearlstein, Jennifer Sullivan, Leslie Thornton, and Gail Vachon.

  • HD Program 1

    • Wednesday, October 17 7:30 PM

    Experiments in high definition reveal the medium magnified in its materiality of tone and depth. Works by Theo Angell, Toni Dove, Angie Eng, Bradley Eros, Ali Hossaini, Leighton Pierce, Jennifer Reeves, Fred Barney Taylor, and Ellen Zweig.